KMT - Technology & Equipment

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KMT Technology and Equipment was founded in early 2010, bringing together a solidteam with over 25 years of EXPERIENCE in critical industrial applications in areas such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation and Distribution of Electrical and heavy industrial process.            .
We offer long innovative products whose designs are based on extensive experience in the field forged by our recognized engineers.
Our creatives are experts with over 30 years of uninterrupted activity in Energy Systems, Corrosion, Clean Energy and Communications,
creating solutions for applications in the mentioned fields, and have developed activities with recognized experience in the USA, China, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina among others.

Our designers are expert engineers in Power Electronics, Software, Hardware, Communications and customized Manufacturing Processes, developing equipment with a life expectancy of 20 years + in heavy industrial facilities, such as electrical and environmental aspect.
KMT - Tecnology and equipment